Dennis Grady Portfolio
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1976-1979: photo-serigraphs & -lithographs; aesthetico-epistemological landscapes.

Dennis Grady photo Dennis Grady photo

these screenprints are representative of the work i was doing from 1976 to 1978: visually layered photographic imagery with text from various sources. on the left is "The Logical Structure of the World," in which a spatially distorted backyard scene is viewed through a warped chicken-wire grid and an excerpt of text by Rudolph Carnap, a logical positivist. the print on the right is titled "Pure Phenomenology."

the photographs below are from a 1979 series called "Common Knowledge." 16"X20" pictures of newspapers. images and text interact in a variety of ways.

Dennis Grady photo Dennis Grady photo Dennis Grady photo

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