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1990-1999: photo/video/sound works; the abenaki project; being here now; here nor there.

Dennis Grady installation photothe project pictured here was the result of a collaboration between myself, composer Erik Nielsen, and Abenaki educator Jeanne Brink. the intent was to create a cross-cultural piece that would address issues of local historical importance.Dennis Grady photo Jeanne gave Erik and i permission to make use of the "Lonesome Song" that had been passed down through her family since the 1700's.

the finished piece was shown as part of the "Abenaki Material Culture" exhibit at the State Historical Society in Montpelier. incorporating photography, video and a musical score by Erik Nielsen, the piece told the story of "Roger's Raid" from a variety of perspectives.

Dennis Grady photo Dennis Grady installation photo

"being here now" was a large scale photo/video/sound installation originally shown at The University of Ohio at Athens. having attended an Air National Guard airshow in Rhode Island, this piece grew out of the video footage i shot there. four large mosiacs from video stills were interspersed among 50 color photographs of open books. the books represented a spectrum of right-wing, militarist and capitalist ideology. the three video monitors played highly altered versions of the original airshow footage for the benefit of the manniquin heads, while a soundtrack that combined airshow sounds with the rantings of a right-wing extremist shortwave radio host and electric guitar noise.

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